Councill Fine Art Studio


Each design is “site specific” and would adhere to engineering and code specs.  These designs represent low maintenance and high durability, as the material, recycled copper is a “living finish” and aluminum is very corrosive resistant, offering exceptional properties for longevity. Additionally, to prevent an electrolytic bridge forming between the metals, protective gaskets are placed and molded within the seams.

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Hanging SculptureHanging Sculpture


I chose the two metals ( Copper and Aluminum are opposite on the nobility scale) to highlight a metaphoric thought and offer an imposed contrast. Simply—–That opposites attract!

The sculpture flows with interlacing  stems/rods that intersect and compound within a cycle and ease of intercourse.  Embossed and etched symbols and repeating marks exclaim a continuum that reinforces commonality.

Hanging SculptureHanging Sculpture